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good day

The best thing about bringing my bag to work, the one with all the extra clothes and stuff i need to stay the night if I get inspired, is that I have comfy sweat pants in that bag. And I can use them, even if I don't stay the night. Man, I should have put these on hours ago. *bounce*

I finally made it to the local Wainwright branch... soon I will be free of the grip of my new bank! And I got to spend money at Quantum Books, too.

I made some real progress at work... Soon I will be gliding through the code, making it bend to my will! Bwahaha!

And I seem to have, um, inspired someone to start a livejournal. :) This is my first chance to use this LiveJournal "user link" feature, I wonder if chaiya will mind. It's really just a great feeling to have contacted someone, to have been understood. That may be the real reason for writing a livejournal... To try to be understood.

Well, it's one of the two, anyway. The other is to have a place to organize my thoughts. It's a meditative process, writing here. In some ways, I get to be more careful with the face I present here... I have faults, but I choose which faults to expose. I get to think things through and edit them, and I become a more idealized me here.

My other big accomplishment today was writing my email response to Christy... I hope it went over ok. I think I wrote it out ok, but I'm reminded of "A Christmas Story", when Ralphy writes what he considers to be a masterful school essay, but it's really just this jumble of words. Even reading it back he's in awe at his prowess. Heh. But no, it was a good introduction...

Rock on.


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Jan. 4th, 2002 07:49 am (UTC)
Actually, I haven't received a response from my email. I was wondering if I'd freaked you out or something. And I won't be able to check email for the next couple of days, so if you try resending, you won't get a response from me for a while. But I'm sure it's brilliant and I'll love it and stuff! *grin* Thanks for ... not making me feel awkward? I dunno. But I'm here and I'll read your mail as soon as I can get it. :) I'll be back from NYC Sunday night, hopefully. I hope we get snow, but I hope it's not so bad that I get snowed out of Boston.
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